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LALO SHADOW INTRUDER 8" Boots Coyote - 1ML047

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The Shadow Intruder is made for and in conjunction with First Responders and Military Special Forces. It is used widely by the military, police officers, firemen and women, first responders, SWAT teams and others who spend long hours on duty, most of that time on their feet. It is designed to provide support, comfort and traction in high-stress situations, including hiking, hunting, rucking and more.


  • Hidden lace pocket
  • KPU Grill designed to keep out debris while allowing for breathability
  • Full grain leather
  • Sleek vamp profile to allow a secure fin fit
  • Abrasion resistant carbonized rubber toe cap
  • Slip-resistant injection molded rubber outsole
  • Multi-density EVA designed to cushion at foot-strike and propel during toe-off
  • Articulating heel and outsole shape for a quiet, stealth approach
  • Moisture-wicking, hydrophobic antimicrobial lining
  • Puncture-resistant composite plate with rotation for protection and fatigue reduction
  • Contoured arch
  • Rip-stop nylon accents
  • Engineered Achilles flex notch
  • Sleek vamp profile for secure fin fit and climbing
  • Seamless, lightweight quarter protection construction
  • This boot does not have a zipper

Usage Recommendation:

The go-to boot for law enforcement, firefighters, military, first responder operations, hiking, hunting, and rucking. The Intruder is carefully crafted for those who dare to do more.

* Please Note: When taking off your Intruder boots, we recommend not leveraging one boot off with the other at the heel. The EVA at the back of the cuff can tear if leveraged too vigorously. This is only a cosmetic issue that is easily fixed with good contact cement, but wouldn’t it be nice to avoid the possibility of this happening altogether by bending down and taking off the boots by hand? The heel tab is only to hide the seam of the boot, nothing more, so if by some chance you do tear the EVA, it will not affect the performance of the boot. *

***For best fit, we recommend 1/2 size up from similar products.